Sunday, March 15, 2009

Make It Painful

It's tough to break free from something we're born into. from a very young age people are trained to feel that getting new stuff is fun. We get an adrenaline rush from it. Birthday parties, Xmas and other holidays with tons of presents- then the anticipation of opening them. Then the rush when we open the present. In our teens we see the cool kids are the ones with the nicest car, clothes, bling- whatever. Then we become adults and we have to be responsible with our money. It's a completely opposite world.

So how do we train ourselves? First, let's be conscious that we have been trained to do things the wrong way. Understand that every dollar you are putting out is equal to two dollars earned. When you do open your wallet, think about the toil you went through to make that money. Really feel the pain of being "roped in" to buying this item.

We need to break away from the notion that spending money is pleasurable. For the Ultrafrugal it should be painful. We may enjoy the fruits of money spent of course. But when the wallet is open and the money comes out we need to review in our minds- what we did to earn double the amount spent, what needs could be filled with that money, is it really worth it? Soon enough, spending money won't be fun.

This may take some time to ingrain in your subconscious. After all, we've had a lifetime of training.

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